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FITS PerforMAX Zip Front Lined White Full Seat Breech



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FITS All Season fabric in white for the smooth, formal look that riders prefer, with the support and body sculpting features only available from FITS PerforMAX. Fully lined in light weight, opaque microfibre. Now with true white deerskin. More formal, front zip ease and a rise that works with classic dressage coats or shadbellys.


  • XS (0-2): 24”-25” waist; 34”-35” hips
  • S (4-6): 26”-27” waist; 36”-37” hips
  • M (8-10): 28”-29” waist; 38”-39” hips
  • L (12-14): 30”-32” waist; 40”-42” hips
  • XL (16-18): 33”-35” waist; 43”-45”hips

F.I.T.S. Full Seat Breeches optimize your riding performance through functional design. Rather than one single piece of leather, F.I.T.S. full seat breeches feature segmented deerskin leather panels to allow maximum range of motion without restriction. This enables you to spread your seat bones for a deeper, more secure position in the saddle. Our athletic gusseted crotch is leather-free and has no center seam; thereby eliminating any bulk or tendency for the breeches to pull down. Not only have we revolutionized full seat technology by segmenting and paneling our leather; we have also perforated it with tiny holes. These holes create more surface resistance against the saddle giving our leather much better grip than flat or imitation leather or suede. The holes also increase stretch capacity which in turn increases your freedom of motion. Taking it even further, the perforations allow for significantly better leather breathability than any breech on the market today. (P) Made from F.I.T.S. high performance microfibre fabric, this all-season breech features soft, looped micro-poly yarns next to your skin which wick moisture in hot weather; and trap air for insulating and warming in cold weather. The outer face of the fabric is micro-nylon which takes color beautifully and is extremely abrasion resistant. 29% lycra, our fabric camouflages cellulite while while comfortably supporting and shaping your legs and body.

F.I.T.S. body sculpting technology goes even further with our hidden power net "ab" panel. This panel wraps hip to hip around the breech front giving subtle but effective body core support and smooth, flattering lines to your tummy and hip areas. Power net is also used with great success to increase your boot comfort. Used at the inner calf of the breech, power net alleviates heat build up and bulk inside your boots; and affords the closest possible contact between horse and rider.

We invite you to Experience the Evolution of Breeches with F.I.T.S. PerforMAX™. (patent pending)


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FITS PerforMAX Zip Front Lined White Full Seat Breech

FITS PerforMAX Zip Front Lined White Full Seat Breech